The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Green Tea – No pseudo-science!

Green tea benefits


Green tea is heralded as something of a super-food these days. Bloggers, newspapers, even health practitioners are all increasingly touting the health benefits of green tea.

Of course, the health benefits of green tea isn’t some modern discovery. People around the world have been drinking green tea for centuries, millennia even, and they have always had a sense that it was a healthful drink.

But today things are taking a more scientific turn. Researchers are putting green tea “under the microscope”, looking at the actual, provable health benefits of this marvelous drink.

What they are finding might surprise a lot of people. Contrary to popular belief, green tea is not a magical cure-all. Some of the effects spoken about most loudly in the media don’t seem to exist in reality.

At the same time, green tea has many benefits which people might not know about.

Let’s go through some of the proven benefits of green tea.

Proven Benefits Of Green Tea

Much of what you hear about green tea is, sadly, pseudo-science. However, there are some scientifically proven benefits of drinking green tea on a regular basis. This is especially true when you swap out your usually can of Coke or your Starbucks for a cup of green tea.

Here are some of the biggest green tea benefits proven by clinical trials:

Reduces inflammation

Polyphenols in green tea reduce inflammation in the body. A growing number of serious chronic conditions are being linked to systemic inflammation. By reducing inflammation throughout the body, researchers believe you can reduce your chances of developing conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and possibly some cancers (ref).

Weight management

A catechin in green tea called EGCG has been found to stimulate the breakdown of fat deposits in humans.

Researchers found that consuming a high-EGCG green tea extract led to significantly greater fat loss in subjects compared to placebo. Amazingly, the effect on fat metabolism was found to be independent of exercise; it’s like the EGCG in green tea was just telling the body to get rid of stored fat!

More studies need to be done before we can really link things like cancer and heart disease to green tea consumption. However, there really are some scientifically proven benefits of green tea consumption. Anti-inflammatory and weight management properties are among the most important.

If you are interested in using green tea and other substances to promote health, longevity, and athleticism, we recommend checking out some bio-hacking supplement resources.

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